2011 Parade Theme

A Salute to the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont.

 We are proud to honor the Vermont Volunteers who came to Plattsburgh’s aid at the crucial moment in September 1814.    Although Governor Chittenden refused to authorize the Vermont militia for service outside the state, when word the British invasion reached the villages, volunteers from all over Vermont rushed to Plattsburgh’s defense. They came from  central and eastern Vermont as well as from the Lake shore; fathers and sons, Revolution veterans in their old uniforms and boys too young for military service.  There were 80 from St. Albans and nearly 200 from Middlebury. Detachments came from Highgate, Shoreham, Ira, Clarendon, Colchester, Huntington, Jericho and Shelburne.
“They crossed the lake in every kind of vessel that would float. . . and totaled twenty-five hundred by the time of the battle on the 11th, with many more enroute.”  From The War of 1812 in the Champlain Valley by Allan S. Everest.