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Lesson Plans Compliant with NY State Educational Standards:
Resources/Activities Outline (PDF)
Misses, Mistresses, and Misconceptions - Women’s Roles in the Northern Theater Of the War of 1812 - Women's Exhibit Lesson Plan (Word Document)

Lesson Plans Compliant with National Educational Standards:
Resources/Activities Outline

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      Part of the mission for the association is to educate and inform the public of the importance of the Battle of Plattsburgh in the War of 1812 and our nation's history. Our Education Committee consists of active and retired teachers with extensive experience in K-12 grades, historians, and re-enactors.

      The committee has developed curriculum materials for teachers and students referenced to both New York State Education Standards and National Education Standards. We hope that our offered resources are enlightening and helpful.

      For local students there are special activities throughout the year including group tours of our exhibits, special presentations, an essay contest sponsored by KeyBank (with cash awards in three categories), and our Passport tour, an individual discovery-learning project which many educators have incorporated as an extra credit curriculum offering for their students.

      Visit our Education page periodically, we’re busy developing additional resources.

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