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Battle of Plattsburgh Commemorative Weekend

Battle of Plattsburgh Historic Trail
Walk the historic trail and see where it all happened.

This site examines the history of Dr. William Beaumont, a surgeon on duty during the Battle of Plattsburgh.

Canadian Heritage
A site that displays various prints and engravings of the War of 1812

Clinton County Historical Association
With its museum, historic sites and period houses the CCHA reveals the way the County's inhabitants lived and worked for over three hundred years.

Champlain Valley Transportation Museum
CVTM explores and interprets the rich history of transportation in the Champlain Valley.

Crysler Farm Battlefield Memorial
The Friends of Crysler's Farm Battlefield Memorial is a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the memory of the stirring victory of Joseph Wanton Morrison's Anglo-Canadian army on November 11, 1813.

City of Plattsburgh, New York
The official website for the City of Plattsburgh

Discriminating General's 1812 Page
On this site find the information on 1812 events. Also listen to sound clips from the 1812 era and find out about the regiments serving in Canada during 1812!

Fort Meigs
Located in Perrysburg, Ohio. Along with school tours and interactive displays, a number of reenactments and special events take place here throughout the summer.

Friends of Fort George
The Friends of Fort George is a non-profit, cooperating assocation that was started in 1987.

Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
Learn about the exploits of the Glengary Light Infantry.

The Old Guard
Prints, books and videos about military history.

Galafilm Multimedia: The War of 1812
Explore the war through eye-witness accounts, interviews with historians and more. Presented in English and French.

General Society of the War of 1812
Preserving the records and other documents relating to the war, caring for its veterans' graves of veterans, and encouraging patriotism among all Americans.

Historic Lakes
Site dedicated to the history of Lake Champlain and Lake George

Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
Significant site of action in the Creek War, which resulted in the largest loss of life by Native Americans in conflict with US troops.

Kent-Delord House Museum

Marine Detachment 1812
Volunteer division affiliated with the USS Constitution Museum, dedicated to portrayal of the U.S. Marine Corps during the War of 1812.

Military Reinactment of Canada

Music From The War of 1812
Stan Ransom, "The Connecticut Peddler"


Old Fort Niagara
Old Fort Niagara Association, Youngstown, NY

Reliving History
The War of 1812 Causes, Timeline, Battles, People 

Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812
Search the full text of the roster from the Adjutant General records. Ohio furnished 1,759 Officers and 24,521 enlisted men for this war.

Russia In 1812
Looks at the events in Russia during this Napoleonic period.

Snelling's Company

The Society of the Second War with Great Britain in the State of New York

Star Spangled Banner
History of the Star Spangled Banner from the Smithsonian

Teddy Roosevelt
Excerpt from Roosevelt's Book on The War of 1812

The War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner
From the Smithsonian.

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