The War of 1812 in the Champlain Valley

By: Allan S. Everest

The Battle of Plattsburgh Association and Syracuse University Press are proud to announce the reprinting of Dr. Allan Everest's The War of 1812 in the Champlain Valley.

In 1981, Dr. Allan Everest, Professor of History at SUNY Plattsburgh, published The War of 1812 in the Champlain Valley. Since then, Dr. Everest's book has been recognized as the definitive work on the impact of the War of 1812 on northern New York, northern Vermont and the Richelieu and Champlain Valleys.

Dr. Everest relates the story of both the military efforts along our northern frontier and also civilian efforts to overcome the loss of natural markets to the north caused by the outbreak of war; and delves into the political and military rivalries that led to some success but also several mismanaged campaigns that did not go as planned. The book finishes with the decisive events of the September 11, 1814 engagement between the American forces under the command of Thomas Macdonough and Alexander Macomb, and the British forces under the command of Alexander Prevost.

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